Team Beard Films is proud to be able to present The War Inside, a short film financed by Crowdfunder contributions. Entirely amateur, produced by self-taught enthusiasts, The War Inside is a short film dedicated not only to the fallen heroes of yesterday, but it is also dedicated to the local filmmaking community, who pooled together in spectacular fashion to donate money, locations, equipment, and time to help create this project.

We couldn't have done it without this support!

If you are interested in further supporting the local amateur filmmakers who created this project, we still have a small number of DVD's remaining for The War Inside. If you're interested, just click below. Thank you very much for your support!

We hope you enjoy The War Inside.


After over a year of post production, with the main currency being blood, sweat, and tears, Team Beard Films finally is happy to announce OTHERWORLD.

Produced for less that £500, it's been a long, but thoroughly enjoyable road. We hope you enjoy it!


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